Writers Surgery - Elena Lappin

private coaching and editorial consulting for writers of fiction and non-fiction


Writers Surgery with author and editor Elena Lappin now offers a wider variety of courses to suit more specific needs, as detailed below. We always focus on a writer’s individual interests. Hopefully one of the sets of sessions outlined here will help you make progress in your writing. But we are always open to suggestions and special requests, and other possibilities.

Writers Surgery also offers a FREE initial 30 min consultation to help you choose the best possible individual plan of action. This is a bespoke set of courses, tailored for 1:1 mentoring and targeted problem solving. However, small groups can also be formed. This can be discussed in the free exploratory session.

PAYMENT: WS now offers a flexible payment structure. You can choose to pay for the entire course in advance, with a 12% discount, or a monthly/per session payment at full price. The basic rate is £150 per hour.

THE SIX PACK (£1800)

6 x 2 hour sessions £1800 (or £1584 based on 12% discount)

Six two hour sessions, based on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly targeted conversation about your writing (via Zoom or in person). The fee covers 12 hours in total of coaching and will also include  my selective reading and commenting on your work by email, based on the material discussed, but will not include a detailed manuscript consultation. The latter may be considered as a separate option.

The frequency of the 6 sessions will be determined based on your needs and plans, after our initial free consultation.

I also make use of Google Classroom and other multimedia platforms to share stimulating content and exercises conducive to our discussions.

THE BURN (£1800)

12 x 1 hour session £1800 (or £1584 based on 12% discount) 


12 x 2 hour sessions £3600 (or £3168 based on 12% discount)

THE BURN sessions have the same content as above, but must be booked as 12 WEEKLY courses only.

THE DROP-IN (£100)

A ‘drop-in’ 45 minute session, based only on discussing any specific questions or issues you may have.

(If you would like to share a drop-in with others, each individual fee will be reduced by 20%).


(your share of £1800)

Weekend Workshops (£1,800 divided among 2-4 participants): two sessions (3 hours each), for a limited number of writers who would like to discuss their work together.

(with publishing advice)

Optional add-on to your sessions, but can also be booked without registering for a course. I will read your draft and provide feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions for structural edits (no grammar, spelling or line editing). You will receive my feedback within one month.

50,000 words: £500
70,000 words:  £700
Above: £1000

Please email nqzva@jevgref-fhetrel.pbz to book any courses (including your FREE session), or regarding any queries you may have. Thank you.