Writing may be a mysterious process, but it is mainly a craft you can hone and apply to achieve concrete results. As a writer myself, I have benefitted from working with talented editors whose insight helped me reshape and rethink my manuscripts. As editor, I have truly enjoyed helping authors write the best versions of their books. This was particularly exciting when I published exceptional debut authors at ONE, my imprint at Pushkin Press. Teaching creative writing students made me want to take this process to the next level, working with writers one on one as we identify specific problems and focus on finding solutions. This approach can help both beginning and established authors writing a novel, a story, or narrative non-fiction. I am happy to consider any type of writing, including plays and screenplays.

Character, Dialogue, Structure, Story, Voice, POV – any and all these elements can play a role in creating a unique narrative your readers can truly connect with. Writing is never easy, and there are no shortcuts. But delving deeper into various aspects of your work is an exciting way to move your writing forward.

Elena Lappin

Elena Lappin is a writer, editor and creative writing consultant. She is former founding editor of ONE, an imprint of Pushkin Press, and international literary scout. She is the author of FOREIGN BRIDES (stories), THE NOSE (a novel), and WHAT LANGUAGE DO I DREAM IN? (a memoir). She has also published essays, investigative journalism, and reviews in Granta, The Guardian, and other media. She has taught creative writing at City Lit and at Curtis Brown Creative.